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The polyethylene catch basin for KTC/IBC enables the safe storage for IBC containers. It is characterised by a high chemical resistance.
Safe storage for IBC containers High chemical resistance Made of environmentally friendly plastic Resistant to corrosion Can be moved with fork lift
Proper storage with the catch basin for KTC/IBC made of polyethylene

The professional storage of IBC stations is easy and safe with the collection tray for KTC / IBC made of polyethylene. The catch basins have the general building approval of the DIBt Berlin.
In addition to the protected storage of IBC containers, catch basins also have other advantages. The fork pockets enable them to be moved around at any time with the help of a fork lift truck. In addition, the environmentally-friendly plastic polyethylene ensures high compatibility with numerous chemicals. If you choose a model with an integrated work surface, you will not need another grid.

Order the polyethylene catch basin for KTC/IBC from our shop.
Catch basin type
Catch basins for KTC/IBC, Filling stations
Catch volume
1000 l
Storage location
in work room, under roof
510 mm
1360 mm
2340 mm
Capacity KTC/IBC
Car park
Car park material
Fork lift accessible
Forklift pockets
2000 kg
general building approval (DIBt)
Net weight
85 kg

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