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Item number:  197972-GAA
Product variants
1000 kg
410 mm
460 mm
130 mm
No. of fork pockets
Fork pockets inside height
63 mm
Fork pockets inside width
138 mm
Fork pockets inside clearance
100 mm
RAL colour
RAL 2004 pure orange
Net weight
14 kg
This load hook represents a functional and secure solution for raising crane-liftable goods with a forklift truck. Our range includes versions with a maximum capacity of 1000 and 2500 kg.
Functional load hook for normal fork pick-up With integrated swivel hook and hook retainer Retainer for inserted fork arms Quick and secure assembly
Simple assembly and safe lifting with a load hook for forklift trucks

A load hook provides you with a quick and simple means of enhancing the functionality of your forklift truck. The lifting device features a robust frame construction with an integrated swivel hook.
When lifting, retainers secure the forks in the fork pockets. A folding safety device ensures that the goods remain securely attached to the swivel hook. With a net weight of 14 and 25 kg, both versions are easily applied to the fork arms before being safely secured via T bolts.

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