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Item number:  162036-GA
Keep your keys safe in the DURABLE key cabinet. A slot on the top allows for the easy return of keys without having to open the cabinet.
Can accommodate 54 CLIP key rings Key cabinet lockable with numeric code With key slot in the lid
The DURABLE aluminium key cabinet with combination lock

This key cabinet is lockable with a code. It allows you to safely store up to 54 keys and keys can be returned easily via a slot on the top of the cabinet. This means that keys can be returned without the cabinet having to be opened. Inside the key cabinet is a separate collection box from which the returned keys can be removed.
The pin heights in the key cabinet made of lightweight aluminium are variable and can accommodate a total of 54 keys. The CLIP key rings fit exactly in the key rack provided, which allows you easy access. The index sheet in the key cabinet gives you a good overview of its contents. The key cabinets are secured with a combination lock. It allows you to specify an individual number code – up to 1,000 number combinations are possible. The code can be changed quickly, easily and without additional tools.

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No. of hooks
Lock type
Cylinder lock
400 mm
302 mm
118 mm
Net weight
6.5 kg
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