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The DURABLE CLICK SIGN doorplates are made of sturdy plastic and are quickly mounted in place. A pull-out viewing window allows you to easily change the cardboard insert.
Sturdy and functional DURABLE CLICK SIGN doorplates Cardboard inserts easily replaceable by completely removing the viewing window Suitable for screwing and gluing in place Including mounting material
Functional DURABLE CLICK SIGN doorplates for identifying working areas

This signage system is quick and easy to install by screwing or gluing at the desired location in your premises.
The DURABLE CLICK SIGN doorplates are made of high-quality plastic. If necessary, the cardboard inserts can be easily replaced by completely removing the viewing window. The window can be pushed upwards and opened forwards. After inserting or replacing the cardboard insert, push the window back up so that it snaps securely into place.

Buy the practical DURABLE CLICK SIGN doorplates from our shop.
Signboard type
Wall/door signs
Frame material
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Frame colour
Corner rounded
Fastening type
self-adhesive, For screwing-on
Fastening material included
76 mm
172 mm
12 mm
Net weight
0.21 kg
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