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Item number:  160604-GAA
This complete package provides you with a META wide-span rack with chipboard shelves that will enhance the efficiency and performance of your storage system. The surface is galvanised and therefore corrosion-resistant.
Made from galvanised steel plate 500 kg load capacity per shelf 4 shelves per unit Boltless system, easily expandable
A simple and effective META wide-span rack for bulky goods

The large shelves make this META wide-span rack ideal for storing bulky and heavy goods. Each of the 4 levels can accommodate a load of up to 500 kg. The shelves are attached via a clever boltless system, allowing quick and simple customisation. You can thus easily adapt the META wide-span rack to your requirements.
The surface of the META wide-span rack is galvanised for corrosion protection. The design of the shelf rack allows it to be accessed from both sides, making it a particularly flexible solution. The boltless assembly is very quick and simple, while you can also add further shelves if necessary. Note the maximum unit load in this case. As the height/depth ratio is greater than 5:1, the META wide-span rack must be secured against tipping.

Order the complete META wide-span rack package with chipboard from our shop today.
Bay type
Complete package
Nominal height
2470 mm
Nominal width
6000 mm
Nominal depth
600 mm
External dimension height
2470 mm
External dimension width
6000 mm
External dimension depth
600 mm
No. of shelves
Compartment load max.
500 kg
Bay load max.
3000 kg
Row type
Access options
Plug assembly
Stand surface
Rack type
Wide-span rack
50 mm
Shelf type
Floor material
Net weight
342.45 kg
Floor surface
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