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The complete META shelf rack package, with its uncomplicated boltless system, can be installed simply, quickly and securely. It is also corrosion-resistant, as it is made from galvanised steel plate.
In galvanised steel plate Load capacity, shelf load 150 kg 5 shelves per bay Boltless system, easily expandable
Fully expandable and quickly installed

This complete META shelf rack package consists of 1 base and 1 add-on unit, thus offering an optimal storage space at its location. The META shelf racks are quickly and easily assembled using the simple boltless system. The shelf rack can thus be securely and quickly assembled.
The base and add-on unit each comprise 5 shelves with a load capacity of 150 kg per shelf. This makes them ideal for storing light to medium weight goods. The shelves of the META rack are made from sturdy steel and do not warp under load. The punched holes in the frame enable the shelves to be mounted at any height in increments of 25 mm. The surface of the shelf rack has been subjected to Sendzimir galvanisation.
This means that the shelf will remain rust-free and protected even if the surface is damaged. Sendzimir galvanisation is a process in which the base material in the form of sheet metal is cleaned, heat-treated in a continuous furnace by annealing and then passed through a molten zinc bath. During the solidification of the zinc layer applied, a durable and corrosion-resistant crystal structure is formed.
Rear bracing means that the META shelf rack has been designed for convenient, one-sided use.
Note that the shelf load applies to an even load distribution and that when additional shelves from the range of accessories are added the maximum shelf load must not be exceeded. The data for the shelf loads applies for racking rows with more than 3 bays. For your safety, ensure that racks with the height/depth ratio ≥ 5:1 are secured against tilting with wall or floor anchoring. Certified safety with RAL-RG 614 quality mark and 5-year warranty.

Buy the complete META shelf rack package with a shelf load of 150 kg from us here.
Bay type
Complete package
Nominal height
2000 mm
Nominal width
2000 mm
Nominal depth
400 mm
External dimension height
2000 mm
External dimension width
2062 mm
External dimension depth
436 mm
Compartment load max.
150 kg
Bay load max.
1100 kg
No. of shelves
Row type
Access options
Plug assembly
Quality mark
RAL-RG 614/1 (shelving racks)
Stand surface
Rack type
Shelf rack
25 mm
Shelf type
Floor material
Steel plate
Net weight
50.82 kg
CAD drawing
Diagonal struts
Floor surface

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