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Item number:  146726-GAA
Technical details
Wrapper type Manual wrapping machines
Suitable for material Polypropylene (PP)
Belt width 13 mm
Belt thickness 0.4 - 0.8 mm
Height 460 mm
Width 160 mm
Depth 190 mm
Net weight 3 kg
Product description
The Comfort clamping and sealing device for polyethylene strapping is a manual hand wrapper that can be used easily. Its robust construction and comfortable operation make the unit suitable for continuous use.
Wrapper for 2 different strapping widths For clamping and sealing Integrated locking system prevents the strapping from fraying
For efficient and fast wrapping cycles – the wrapper for plastic strapping

You can choose between a wrapper for plastic strapping with a width of 13 mm or a wrapper for a width of 16 mm. Both versions are suitable for strapping thicknesses between 0.4 mm and 0.8 mm.
Using the strapping tensioner, you can seal packages with strapping and sleeves in just a few steps. The integrated locking system prevents the strapping from fraying when cut. The quick-clamp device accelerates your wrapping cycles.

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