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Item number:  140078-GA
The bicycle rack is made of steel. Wheels are parked in and chained to its solid frame to protect the bikes against theft.
Bicycle rack made from galvanized steel For parking up to 3 bicycles Suitable for touring, hybrid and mountain bikes
Robust bicycle rack for outdoor use

This bicycle rack provides your employees with theft-protected storage area for bicycles. It even accommodates wheels with wide tyres without any problems.
Both the rectangular base frame and the guards for the wheels are made of galvanised steel. This is extremely robust and corrosion resistant. Bicycles can be inserted in the rack from both sides. If necessary, the base frame can be anchored firmly to the ground. If you need more than 3 spaces, just place several racks side by side. The bicycle rack is suitable for a tyre width up to 55 mm. Its overall dimensions are 200x400x880 mm (HxWxL).

Order the robust bicycle rack from our shop today.
No. of car parks
Wheel adjustment
400 mm
Tyre width up to
55 mm
Bicycle rack type
Bicycle rack
880 mm
Net weight
5 kg
200 mm

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