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Item number:  162513-GAA
Technical details
Wrapper type Semi-automatic and automatic wrapping machines
Closing mechanism weld
Wrapping cycles per minute approx. 12
Package max. weight 30 kg
Belt thickness 0.5 mm
Working height 200 mm
Voltage 230 V
Suitable for material Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Capacity 30 kg
Net weight 25 kg
Product description
Thanks to its compact design, the semi-automatic BASIC wrapper will quickly find a place in your company. The bundling machine binds your packages or bundles a wide variety of materials – and with virtually noiseless operation.
Compact design with a machine dimension of 198 x 360 x 686 mm (H x W x D) Semi-automatic wrapper with almost noiseless operation Binds everything from small packages to larger containers
This semi-automatic wrapper facilitates the bundling of packaged goods

With this compact bundling machine, you can easily bundle several small packages as well as different materials or magazines, newspapers and letters.
Thanks to its small machine dimension of 198 x 360 x 686 mm (H x W x D), the BASIC semi-automatic wrapper will find a place in any office or warehouse. The operation of the wrapper is almost silent. The wrapper binds several parts together to make a handy table bundle by wrapping them with abrasion-resistant polyester strapping.

A BASIC semi-automatic wrapper helps you bundle goods of all kinds for shipping in a matter of seconds. Order the wrapper from our shop.
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