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Item number:  146539-GAA
Technical details
Width 600 mm
Length 800 mm
Insertion dimensions longitudinal 565 mm
Insertion dimensions transverse 365 mm
Clearance longitudinal 110 mm
Clearance transverse 110 mm
Load-bearing capacity static 1000 kg
Frequency of use Returnable pallet
material Polyethylene (PE), Recycled plastic
Base Feet
Temperature-resistant -30 - 70 °C
Height 155 mm
Load-bearing capacity dynamic 600 kg
Stackable together
Net weight 5.5 kg
Durability Acids, oils, alkalis
Driven 2-sided
Product description
The material and construction of the BASIC plastic pallets with 1000 kg capacity makes them extremely robust. They are ideal for storing and transporting heavy goods.
Stackable pallet made from robust, recycled PE plastic Temperature-resistant from -20 to +60°C Accessible with a truck from 2 sides
Reusable BASIC plastic pallet, capacity 1000 kg

The reusable, stackable pallets are made from recycled polyethylene (PE) and, despite their low weight, are ideal for transporting and storing heavy goods. They have a dynamic capacity of 600 kg and can carry 1000 kg when stationary.
The dimensions of the stackable pallet are 800 x 600 x 155 mm (LxWxH). It can be lifted on the longitudinal sides using conventional pallet or forklift trucks. The 6 feet of the pallets engage with one another when stacked, thus enabling space-saving storage or transport. The feet also prevent slipping as the pallets are stacked securely on top of each other.

The BASIC plastic pallet provides you with a space-saving solution for transporting and storing your goods. Order the robust pallet from our shop today.
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