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Item number:  109009-GAA
Technical details
Container volume 355 l
External dimension height 985 mm
External dimension width 930 mm
External dimension depth 530 mm
Inside dimension height 800 mm
Inside dimension width 900 mm
Inside dimension depth 500 mm
Wall material Aluminium
Long side can be folded by half yes
Castor material Solid rubber
Castor locking function manual
No. of swivel castors 2 Stk.
Swivel castor width 37 mm
Swivel castor diameter 125 mm
No. of fixed castors 2 Stk.
Fixed castor width 37 mm
Fixed castor diameter 125 mm
Capacity 250 kg
Special feature Corrosion-resistant, Resistant to heat and cold, Odour-neutral
Net weight 23 kg
Floor plate material Aluminium
Product description
This robust folding trolley serves as a useful transport aid. The wall of the mobile transport trolley can be folded down to accommodate awkwardly dimensioned items.
Box trolley with wheels for simple loading and unloading Low weight thanks to aluminium alloy construction Tough, durable and corrosion-resistant Folding longitudinal wall
The aluminium box trolley for all your transport needs

Light-alloy transport trolleys serve as practical helpers in any warehouse. Thanks to their fold-down design, they assist you in transporting materials of various different sizes. The folding longitudinal side ensures utmost flexibility for all your transport tasks.
The aluminium trolley has a low empty weight, yet is highly robust and dimensionally stable. This is ensured by the all-round base and edge profile as well as the trapezoidal beads which stiffen and reinforce the cart walls. This design also extends to the flap, which is secured with movable hinges and bolt retainers. The folding box runs on wheels, which can also accommodate heavy loads thanks to the galvanised steel forks and roller bearings. The tyres ensure excellent grip and are also chemical-resistant, antistatic and virtually maintenance-free.

Enhance your transport possibilities with these practical aluminium box trolleys with half-height folding wall. Order them from our shop today.

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